Risk Based Thinking

1 Lesson

Course Introduction : The underlying premise of risk-based thinking is that organizations should always factor in risks as they develop plans, review business results and make decisions. The aim is to have the right mentality that enables employees to identify the risks and opportunities, evaluate them, decide what action is required and then act.
Provider: UMAMI E-Learning Solution
Version: 1.0
Language(s) available: Arabic with English Subtitles
Tablet/smartphone support: Yes
Duration: 30 minutes
Prerequisites: None

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Risk-Based Thinking
  • Identifying risks and opportunities
  • Assessing and prioritizing risks using the risk matrix
  • Planning and implementing action
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of undertaken actions

Learning Objectives

This training enables learners to:

  • Understand that some quality management standards have been revised and now incorporate risk-based thinking into their requirements.
  • Identify potential risks and opportunities.
  • Be familiar with common tools to identify threats and opportunities.
  • Consider both likelihood and impact of a potential threat or opportunity.
  • Be aware of strategies to mitigate unacceptable threats or to capitalize on worthwhile opportunities.


30 minutes

1 Session

Arabic with English Subtitles